Beau Soleil’s mission is to design stylish, eco-friendly clothing focused on sustainability, fair trade + labor, and organic materials that’s modern, sporty, and edgy. We create pieces that every woman will want to wear every day.

BEAU SOLEIL, named for designer Anne Salvatore Epstein’s favorite oyster, is an eco-friendly fashion brand focused on sustainability, fair trade and labor, and organic materials with the goal of offering consumers environmentally healthy clothing options without sacrificing style.

When Anne discovered she was pregnant with her first of three sons, she and her husband transformed their “overly excessive” New York City lifestyle into one that was simple and organic. They moved into a green building, bought their food from farmers’ markets, and made conscious decisions to do their part in saving the planet. This new mindset, coupled with Epstein’s career experience at Elie Tahari, Marc Jacobs, and IISLI, opened her eyes to how the manufacturing process impacts the environment. It then became her mission to design sustainable fashion done in a modern, sporty, edgy way.

Each BEAU SOLEIL t-shirt is eco-friendly and made from organic pima cotton, the ink is water-based, and the packaging is recycled and biodegradable.

Anne creates pieces that she wants to wear every single day. She’s confident you will too!